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Exclusive Furniture


      Exclusive furniture located in Chittagong brings about a dynamic change in the field of furniture by making sure of its newness, variety and suitability. We are the direct manufacturer and exporters of all qualities of teak outdoor furniture, teak garden, tack polish furniture, tack flooring and tack accessories. We use well-dried wood or air dried wood or air dried wood on the basis of customer requirements and expectation. Names of the Products: all kinds of wooden furniture, chair, table, wardrobe, bed, office decoration, kitchen decoration and so on. Man Power: 70 persons Prospect/ Consumers / Users: General public through developers, offices, schools & colleges, industries and houses. Sources of Raw Materials: Imported and locally procured materials.

Deluxe Dining Chair (DD-2)

New Dining Chair (ND-2)

Dining chair (NK)

Arm Less Chair-MS Frame

School Chair

Arm Chair - MS Frame

Plastic Garden chair (PG-N)

Plastic Garden chair (PG-B)

Commed chair

Wardrobe 5 Shelve

Wardrobe 5 Shelve

3 In 1 Arm Less Set Chair

Folding Chair - MS Frame

Wardrobe 5 Shelve

Fancy Rack

Fancy Rack

Deluxe Rack

Luxury Rack

2 In 1 Arm less Set Chair

Wardrobe 5 Shelve

Wardrobe 6 Shelves

Wardrobe 5 Shelve

Wardrobe 6 Shelves

Wardrobe 5 Shelve - Merun Color

Wardrobe 5 Shelve - Firoza Color

Wardrobe 5 Shelve - Merun Color

Wardrobe 5 Shelve

Wardrobe 5 Shelve - Merun Color

Baby Chair

CD Rack

DL - 1

DL - 3

DL - 4

DL - 5

DL - 6

DL - 7

DL - 8

DL - 9

Folding Dining Table - 8 Corner

Folding Dining Table (3.5 feet - 6 Feet)

Folding Dining Table Medium

Folding Dining Table-Oval

Folding Round Table (30' Hight)

Folding Tea Table (30' Hight & 24' Hight)

School Banch

Kitchen Dish Rack

Kitchen Dish Rack

Luxury Wardrobe - 3 Saheves

Mid Back Arm Chair


Garments Operator Chair With Box

Garments Operator Chair

Plastic Round Folding Table

Plastic Square Folding Table

Normal Rack

2 In 1 Set Chair With Table

Plastic Round Table - Fixed

Shoe Rack - Net

Shoe Rack - Solid

Shoe Rack - Solid

Folding Side Table

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