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N. Mohammad Plastic Industry

N Mohammad Plastic Industry Ltd.

       N Mohammad Plastic Industry Ltd. has launched its journey in 1987 to serve mainly as manufacturer of plastic furniture and household accessories. This company is operating successfully ensuring its continued improvement. The much needed items such as plastic Chairs, Tables, Rack, Tools, Trashes, Hangers, Crate Basket, Flower Pot, Latrine sets, Wardrobe, Dustbin, Bucket, Dustpan, Water Jug & Mug etc. are being manufactured with the latest technology within affordable and reachable price by the consumers. N Mohammad Plastic Ltd has 17 Show Rooms through out the country Chittagong, 4 at Dhaka. Thousands of whole sellers and retailers have been marketing the products like Garden Chairs, Dining Chairs, Folding Tables, Baskets and other household products including various kinds of Crockery plastic products with faith and belief. The company feels prestigious to be able to supply plastic Bottles and Containers to the two most renowned Multinational Oil companies of the country like Jamuna and Padma. A number of local oil companies also are using its Bottles and Containers. Some multinational companies like Reckit Benckiser are also using N Mohammad Plastic Bottles and Containers for manufacturing its products like Harpick, Mortein, Dettol etc. Name of the Products: Plastic Furniture & Plastic Household accessories. Capacity of the plant: Furniture & household accessories weighing 4 tons. Manpower: 500 persons. Source of Raw Materials: Local, German, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Thailand & China, as well as India. Technology: Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and many other countries.

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